Powered by Dumbo?

I’ve slowly started taking on the slightly daunting task of writing my Ph.D. dissertation, and I’m considering including a chapter about Dumbo and Hadoop. However, thinking about this made me realize that I’m pretty clueless as to how many people are using Dumbo, and for what purposes it’s being used outside of Last.fm. I know for a fact that CBSi started using it recently, and there are a few other companies like Lookery that appear to be making use of it it as well, but I don’t really know what they’re using it for exactly, and judging from the number of questions I keep getting there must be more people out there who are using Dumbo for non-toy projects. So, if you aren’t just reading this blog out of personal interest, please drop me a line at klaas at last dot fm or add a comment to this post. It’ll make my day, and you might get an honorable mention in my dissertation. When the list is long enough, I might even devote an entire wiki page to it as well.

One Response to Powered by Dumbo?

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